Charlotte Tilbury found THE perfect face for her first fragrance

If you were to imagine what a Charlotte Tilbury perfume would smell like, what would it be? How do you bottle a 'Golden Goddess' or a 'Glamour Muse'? The truth is, you can't. So you get it to smell like Kate Moss, or rather you get Kate Moss to smell like it.

Charlotte Tilbury has just launched her first fragrance, scintillatingly named Scent of a Dream, and her friend of 25 years, Kate Moss, is the face. And what a perfect face to choose.

According to Elle UK, the fragrance is inspired by Ibiza, where Charlotte grew up (and where Kate likes to party).


Charlotte says, "I have been mixing my own Secret Scent for years and have been fascinated by the idea that one's perfume can attract others and also change the energy frequency of the people and environment around you. I believe you can use Scent of a Dream to create an emotional pathway with someone else's energy centres: their brain, heart and sex receptors, igniting the senses. You can directly alter their state of mind and body through this scent. It sparks a subliminal key to attraction."

No word as to when it will hit Irish shelves, but it will be available in the Selfridges beauty hall in the UK by August 15th.

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