Cheap Hair Accessories Rock: Here's What I Use


One thing that gladdened my I-can't-be-bothered-much-with-my-hair heart about the recent Awards were the hair categories because like me, lots of you can't be fecked spending much money on your barnets either. Hurray!

In fact, something I buy constantly, Boots Essentials Hair Grips, topped the polls in Hair Tools. These cheap as chips little hair clamps are great and as I seem to leave them places constantly I'm always re-purchasing. I don't see the sense in spending money on pricier versions either; these do the job perfectly, come in a couple of colours and sizes and cost half nothing. What more do you need, eh?

I'm also a big fan of Goody's Ouchless Elastics which don't have a metal clamp so they don't catch in your hair and tear it. Because I wear my hair up a lot, I hate bobbins which snag, so these are perfect. I *think* you can now get Goody in Boots, but I bought three packs last time I was in New York and you're looking at all I have left. So put it this way, I HOPE you can get them here now ...


No idea why I look so very, very serious ...


Other cheap things I love for hair are Boots doughnuts which are again just a couple of quid and which you can use for nice big fat buns. I also cut them and use them as hair 'rats' to create Victory Rolls, totally inspired by a recent post on What Katie Did. (She's a Dundalk blogger with a strong burlesque sensibility, something I'm admittedly not into at all but her photography is lovely and she does great looks, check her out!).

I used a snipped doughnut from Boots for my hair at last week's awards and it worked really well - I just rolled my hair around it and then pinned it into place with - yep, you guessed it - some hair grips and then used about 56 cans of hairspray to weld it into place. It was honestly super-easy and anyone could do it, all you need is a bit of practice and hair that's long enough to cover the sponge.

The next thing I want to get are some Goody Spin Pins - I frequently throw my locks up into a messy bun and these things allow you to literally 'screw' your hair into place. Yeah - snigger snigger. Anyway, next time I see 'em, I'm buying them!

Those are my cheapo hair essentials (Batiste or some form of dry shampoo and hairspray are also musts in Kirstie-land) but what about you - what do you count as must-haves for hair?

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