Clarins Body Shaping Cream

Most of us have some cellulite. It is a fact of womanhood that can be fiercely irritating, or make you wary of wearing certain things, but it is a fact. I don't really have a problem with it, and feel pretty annoyed if I hear someone (male or female) commenting on a woman or girl in say, shorts, saying that she shouldn't wear them because she has cellulite. Where, in other words, is her shame?

Most of us have it, and we definitely shouldn't hide our bodies for fear of the mean spiritedness of some other women, or the petulant judgement of imbecilic man-children.

So yes, cellulite is nothing to feel ashamed about. And if you're wondering if I have it, you can bet your bumpy bum I do!

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This cream from Clarins has me in two minds. I'm a conservative dresser, so even if I had an amazing physique (which I don't), I'm not the ultra-sassy hot pants or miniskirt type. More power to you if you are! I like to use a cactus body brush several times a week to dry-brush legs (to prevent ingrown hairs and bumps) and to keep on top of the old cellulite situation. Stimulating blood circulation to the area can help, so massage and dry-brushing is ideal. So, of course, is exercise to tone the muscles underneath. I'm not overlooking that for a moment; I'm just a bit lazy.


So Clarins Body Shaping Cream (on counters from January 19th at €49) is another option in the fight against bumpy bums and thighs, if indeed you want to fight them! Keeping the area moisturised will maintain skin at optimum smoothness - unexfoliated, dry skin over cellulite will always highlight it. The cream contains several ingredients to stimulate blood flow to the 'problem' area, and has a lovely absorbent texture and a very pleasing scent.

It's certainly not an essential product - this is luxury at it's most luxurious- but if you are taking measures to minimise cellulite, this is a nice option to include in your method. I've been using it along with my body brush for about three weeks now, and I must say that my slightly bumpy patch is looking slightly less bumpy! I've been massaging this in daily - it may be the cream or the massage that is making the improvement, or both, but an improvement is visibly there.

I hesitate to overtly recommend this kind of product, because I genuinely don't see a problem with having some patches of skin which aren't flawlessly smooth - we're all only human. However, if you feel less confident as a result of your cellulite, then a good cactus brush and a pot of this might help.

What are your views on cellulite? Do you have some? Does it bother you? Share in the comments (or I'll look like the only one in the world dealing with any orange-peel skin! Don't leave me here alone!)

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