Colour B4 Removes Colour and Dye from Hair!

colour b4

You may have been hearing about this shade-stripping superstar recently. Colour B4, which comes in regular and extra strength versions, retails at €12.99 from pharmacies and Boots, and is designed to strip unwanted colour from dyed hair and bring your hair back to its lightest shade. The brand is quick to point out that "If the artificial hair colour applied [was] lighter than your natural colour, the natural pigment within your hair [will have] been chemically lightened,"  so do take note of that.

Does this mean the end of emergency Fairy Liquid/Head and Shoulders sessions, then?

colour b4

Inside the pack you get a few bits and bobs to mix together, some latex gloves and a post stripping treatment too. There are also comprehensive instructions included.


So, if you've had a dye disaster, lash a box of this on your barnet and hey presto! Dye's gone and you can re-colour again immediately afterwards. How to work out what's for what though? B4 regular is ideal for lighter colours and the extra strength is what you'd opt for if you'd gone very dark or had a lot of colour build-up.

Timewise, the brand recommend you give it 20 minutes to do its magic, but apparently that wasn't doing the trick for lots of users.  Based on feedback, you can safely leave the regular one on for 30 minutes or the extra version on for an hour, to really get down and dirty with that gick dye you want to wash right out of your hair.

Anything it can't do? Yep - it can't restore locks back a pre-bleached state. This is only designed to strip colour you've added, not replace pigment you've removed by another process.

I don't dye my hair so can't report on how well it works - or otherwise. So I'm turning this to the floor - has anyone out there in land tried Colour B4 yet, and if so, how did you find it?

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