Death clock: tick tock tick tock when will you stop

Okay - the world didn't end on Saturday night with the ridiculous Rapture.  But of course that was no surprise.  So if you went a bit mad and told your boss to eff off and embarked on a wild affair with your next door neighbour, in the anticipation that it wouldn't really matter as the world was ending anyway, you might be feeling a bit foolish now.

But it won't stop predictions about the hour of our doom.  Even though every single one of them since time immemorial has obviously been wrong, crackpots are still busy calculating with the help of Mayan predictions, astronomical signs and stale cornflakes, when it is all going to end.

I really don't want to know do you?  Well I thought I didn't until I went on to Death Clock and worked out exactly how many seconds are left to me.  And then I definitely didn't want to know any more.

The worst part of Death Clock though is the part of the site where they pick a celebrity, say nasty things about them and then pick the moment of their death.  To wit: Britney Spears

"As far as I can tell, Britney Spears isn't exactly evil incarnate, although something tells me her music gets quite a bit of airplay in the lowest depths of Hades.
So, for all your Britney fans out there, enjoy this special celebrity Death Clock:
Sunday, March 22, 2054 "


Yikes. Poor Britney

Do you want to know the exact hour of your death - if they could work it out using genetic markers and other sciency things in the future?

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