Do blondes really have more fun? From brown crop to peroxide bombshell: transformation, pics, review

Anne Hathaway. I don’t know why exactly, something about her just gets on my nerves and her Oscar speech was the cringe-inducing icing on the already irritating cake.

That said I really like her new do and it inspired me to do something I've been thinking about for ages .   For a long time I’ve been wanting go go platinum blond. So last week I paid a visit to The Style Club on North Earl Street to do just that.

And oh dear sweet baby jaysus, I was SO nervous!

So very very nervous

The last time I bleached my hair I did it myself (HUGE mistake!) and accidentally left the damn stuff on for around double the recommended time. I wound up looking like Myra Hindley, and I couldn’t go outside until it had been safely dyed red. My poor hair was in such bad nick that I cut it all off. I was traumatised.


So my heart was in my mouth when I went in for my appointment with the lovely Holly in Style Club.

First the lengths of my hair were bleached, followed by the roots, then the mixture was left for maybe 40 minutes, then a toner was applied. The whole process only took around two hours, and I honestly can't recommend Holly enough.

So Blond

Friends and neighbours keep doing double takes before they recognise me, which is quite cool.  Plus I think the hair is making me braver: I keep buying body-con dresses, flirting with men in lifts and just generally mistaking myself for Sharon Stone. There really is something about this shade of white blond that makes people look at you twice in the street.  (With the direct result that I constantly think I have food on my face.)

I must say I absolutely love it!


So how does everyone feel about white blond locks? Would you take the plunge, or have you already done it?

Doireann was a guest of The Style Club on North Earl St, Dublin.

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