Don't Break my Achy Breaky Feet


When I was away, I think I did more walking than I have ever done before, and my poor fat little legs were practically worn down to fleshy stumps.

After a particularly trying day of exercising both myself and my credit card, I sank my weary body onto our hotel bed and groaned to himself that I 'was a person built for pleasure, not action', to which he roared laughing, and then began to raise his eyebrows suggestively. I think he thought I was about to turn into his own personal Geisha girl.

Sadly for him, the pleasure of which I spoke was really more to do with things such as lying on velvet couches eating cakes and having champagne drips fed straight into my veins, than doing the bauld thing. I mean, after 6 hours tramping the streets of Tokyo, no one would have any energy left for the bauld thing.


But seriously, my legs and feet were killing me. I really wished I'd thought to bring something nice and soothing for them with me. Something like Clarins Energizing Emulsion For Tired Legs would have been perfick. It contains natural plant extracts to soothe and refresh tired trotters. It also moisturises and leaves skin silky smooth too. And I'm even more raging that I didn't discover it before my holidays as it's only €22 on Strawberrynet at the moment - a 14% saving.

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