Lets talk about (dundunDUN) MAKEUP WIPES! Spar Sensitive Skin wipes get my vote

Yes, I know, I know Beaut.ie doesn't usually endorse the use of the dreaded wipes - but as Ireland's most popular cleanser I don't think I'm the only one throwing a packet or five into my trolley.

They're a Work of Satan and I KNOW they don't actually cleanse worth a damn BUT They're so cheap and so quick.

So lets get real people.  Everyone uses them.  And after a pint or...er two down in the Students Union sometimes it's all I can do to blearily wipe one of these across my mush before hitting the leaba.




I'm a big fan of Johnson's makeup wipes - they're soft, smell nice, and really get that mascara off. However, I am not a fan of the price. One pack usually comes in at about €4, and though you can sometimes find an offer with two packs for €5, those times are few and far between. For a while, I tried out Simple's face wipes (I love Simple skincare, as I mentioned before) but found myself waking up with panda eyes. Never a good look.

I tentatively purchased these Spar Sensitive Skin Wipes (€1.99), expecting my skin to explode in a mess of angry spots, but was surprised at how gentle and close to the Johnson's formula they are. A very good own-brand buy.

So come on - spill!  Do you use wipes and if you do which ones do you go for?


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