Emily Ratajkowski Tells Vogue's 73 Questions Dude to 'Shut Up'

Who's Emily Ratajkowski, we hear some of you mumble? You mean YOU DON'T KNOW?!

She's the girl from that Blurred Lines video. And now she's an actress. She's the latest person yer man from Vogue has doorstepped - in a completely impromptu fashion - with his 73 rapid fire questions. You know the ones. It's so natural.

This particular instalment of 73 Questions isn't all just sashaying around an apartment, showing off artwork, vintage furniture, and making drinks comprising of hard liquor; this here episode has a bit of Irish in it, when she says "shut up" in Irish. In fact, it's "be quiet", but shut up works better in this context.

And according to her Instagram, she was in Bantry two weeks ago...


"Home away from home ???? #Bantry"

In case you're unable to watch the video, what with being in work/you're cringing too hard, here's what else you're missing: "a record-listening party, and an impromptu drawing session. The model and actress fills us in on what she’d do as president, why Patti Smith is her fashion icon, the one thing nobody knows about Lena Dunham, and why IDGAF is her life."

Where is your home-away-from-home?

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