Everyone is talking about this hair curler but is it worth the price?

This hair curler has an eye-watering price tag but could it save you a fortune on blowdries?

When Dyson came up with a hairdryer, it changed the hair styling game forever. The company best known for fancy, futuristic vacuum cleaners had designed a fancy, futuristic hairdryer that really worked. At €399, the Supersonic was genuinely worth the money. And it had 'traditional' hair tool companies shaking in their boots.

The hairdryer was released in 2016 and it's become the Rolls Royce of hair tools. It's the one everyone wants in their Christmas stocking. Although this Christmas, its sister product might take the number one spot on the beauty lover's wish list. Release on October 9th, the Airwrap may change the culture of hair styling as we know it.


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The Airwrap uses the same high-tech motor as the Supersonic and it uses the "Coandă effect" to curl the hair without extreme heat. It took six years and a team of engineers to develop and it is, in short, frickin' amazing. All the influential Beaut Ed's worldwide and international hair stylists are going wild for it.


To use, your hair should be damp, not wet. The hair essentially wraps itself around the barrel, you leave it there for a few seconds, release, and you have a perfect, smooth curl. It comes with various attachments for different types of styling, including brushes and barrels. It also comes in three versions, because Dyson is clever enough to know that not all hair types are equal.

As you were sure to expect, the Airwrap ain't cheap. It's actually more expensive than the hairdryer. It's €499. But could this finally be the investment hair tool you've been waiting for? Could it maybe even save you money in the long run? Imagine all the money you'd save on wedding blowdries.

I am most certainly tempted (and I've just heard it's available in Arnott's now). Are you?

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