Why extensions are for all hair types

Hair extensions have gotten a bad rep over the years. But it was mostly down to poor quality hair rather than technique and use.

When people think of extensions the usually wrongly assume they are used only for length but actually the are used for an array of things.

They can be used for all hair types, for volume, length, to try different colour snd style types to name just a few.

If you are thinking of going for hair extensions here are some things to keep in mind:

Choose Quality

Yes it really does matter the quality of the hair you chose. Usually the more expensive ones are better quality and ethicality. If you can go for a brand on the higher price point but within your budget you will not regret it.

Choose what suits your needs

There are an array of types of application when it comes to hair extensions. It all comes down to, hair type, preference and how long you would like them to last.

Clip Ins


Clips ins work well for those who love extensions but don't love the maintenance. They can be worn occasionally and taken in and out without much effort.

Tape Ins

Tape ins are strands of extensions that sandwich your own hair in between and tape together. These usually last around 4-6 weeks and cause little to no damage to your natural hair.

Micro beads

Hair extensions that are individually clamped to your natural hair with a small metal ring at the top. These last around 3 months. The advantage of microbes is that there is no heat involved in the application but if not cared for correctly the metal can damage the hair.


Weaves are perfect for those with thick, coarse hair. Your natural hair is tightly braided and the extensions sewn into the braid.



Bonds are extensions with a bonding agent at the top of each one. It is usually keratin or protein based and is used with the hope of protecting your natural hair. A hot tool is used to fuse these onto the hair. They then usually last 3-4 months.

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