Fashion Look of the Week: Alexa Chung

Another day, another Bvlgari & Rome event that we weren't invited to.

But it's ok because we have all the pictures. It means we can check out what happened without having to wash our hair or take those diamonds out of the vault. I really hate the effort of taking those damn diamonds out of the vault.

There were heaps of stylish people there and before we go any further, you might want to decrease the brightness of your screen because the dazzle from all the bling may well blind you.

First up in our top three was Liv Tyler, wearing wearing a diamond encrusted snake bracelet and necklace from the brand. I can imagine Angelina chasing her down the street, shouting about what she's willing to swap her for 'em. DO YOU WANT BRAD? YOU CAN HAVE HIM.



Next up is Aussie model Jess Hart (I keep confusing her with Margot Robbie) who manages to make fabric akin to my Granny's tablecloth-for-good-use look like a metallic vision. And make sure you check out her shoes in the gallery below for they are the most beautiful things that I've seen in my entire life.



jess hart


But Alexa has fought off stiff competition to claim this week's best dressed. I can't stop staring at her dress. And then I drool a bit on the keyboard. I mean, LOOK AT IT. It's a Valentino with chiffon, florals and flippin' butterflies. And she has diamonds in her hair. She's like Belladonna, the Good Witch on her way to a party thrown by Mother Nature (anyone else a fan of Eva Ibbotson's Which Witch?).




You can check out all the pics from the night in gallery below and if you'd like to bring us along next year as your date, we'd probably say yes. Unless we're polishing our diamonds and putting them in freshly-washed hair.



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