Six Oils to Restore Crispy Faces and Other Places

You really can't beat a good oil. Restorative and comforting on face or body, oils will nourish and plump the skin. And that's any skin, any type (yes, even oily!).

Nope, you really cannot beat a good oil. It's  just a matter of finding the right one for you. Here are six scrummy ones:

  • Superfacialist by Úna Brennan Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil 30ml (€17.99)

This facial oil is actually intended as a pre-cleanse. Applied prior to cleansing, it will dissolve makeup nicely in preparation for really clean skin. If you like a light oil, though, this works well applied to just-toned skin, or on top of your normal moisturiser. It contains several yummy oils like carrot, raspberry, avocado and calendula oils. This product is high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids - it's a nice, light, mid-price oil. If you're unused to oils and are considering investing in a high-end oil, this is a good first oil to buy and see how you get on.

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  • Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil 20ml (€23.29)

I'd be called to account by readers if I left out what seems to be their favourite! Trilogy Rosehip Oil is a favourite for a reason - a light and easily absorbed dry oil, it's jammed with antioxidants and Omega 3,6 and 9 essential fatty acids to moisturise the skin and improve skin texture. It's also good for minimising stretch marks (only the recent, red kind, I'm afraid. Nothing can improve stretch marks that have faded to white!)

Read a thorough review here.

  • Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate 30ml (€42.50)

This product is something of an oil/serum hybrid. Wonderful for more mature skin, it should be applied at night for rejuvenated skin in the morning. It contains a range of essential oils which are rich in omega-6 fatty acids and squalene, which mimics the sebum naturally occurring (often in problematically high quantities) in younger skin.


For a more in depth review, take a gander at this.

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  • Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil 30ml (€39.50)

This oil is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but my last bottle lasted for eighteen months, and I love it. Perfect for combination and oily skins, this is the oil I recommend for acne sufferers. With its thick texture and geranium and rosemary scent, it feels almost medicinal to apply. If your skin is oily, don't be afraid of this - it will help your skin to produce less oil, but keep it nourished. Rosmarinic acid, which is a derivative of caffeic acid (found in rosemary) has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is perfect for acneic skin, and won't clog pores.

  • Decléor Aromessence Neroli Serum 15mls (€46.99)

At almost fifty of your hard-earned Euros for a mere fifteen mils, this product is definitely on the pricey end of our list. Another serum/oil hybrid product, this is packed with essential oils, and smells pretty pungent. I'd avoid it if your skin is sensitive, but for normal skin this oil is a nourishing bottle of luxury to keep on your nightstand. Is it better because it's more expensive? No, it isn't. It's a good facial oil that moisturises skin beautifully, but the price reflects the luxury brand rather than the ingredients!

If you think that I've ignored the needs of skin on the rest of the body, then you're wrong, my friend. Here's my uber-luxurious body oil recommendation for moisturising needy skin. Hang on to your wallet!

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  • Tesco Grapeseed Oil 1Litre (€4.49)

Now, I'm all for fancy body creams that make you smell like dessert, but your skin needs what it needs, and when you need some serious moisturising power, sometimes the simplest thing is the best. Obviously, pure grapeseed oil like this is going to be greasier on the skin than cosmetic body oils, but a thin layer of this applied to wet skin after a bath or shower will do your skin a lot of good. You'll find grapeseed oil in a lot of skincare products, and it assists in skin repair due to its mildly antiseptic quality. Combined with a handful of rock salt, it makes a fantastic body scrub in the shower. It also makes great chips. Yes. You're welcome.

Are you an advocate of oils? And have you tried any of these?

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