Foolproof Tips and Tricks to Avoid Leg Bumps after Shaving

Why do we women do it to ourselves? De-fuzzing our gams, underarms and bikini areas is such a ridiculous concept, is it not? Why can't we just be freeee?

Well, we are. Women can and do whatever they damn well like to their own bodies but it doesn't stop nasty people being repulsed by body hair - lady body hair to be exact. Not that any of us would shave just because society in general wants us too.

I simply happen to prefer smooth legs and pits - but the lumps and bumps that come with shaving look a whole lot worse than a few hairs.

I've been reluctantly tanning myself lately mostly because I have events to go to and the dresses I've worn are in light shades that I think they look better on me when I've got a glow on that isn't of the moon variety.

I've been shaving too - badly it seems. Newly tanned legs show off shaving bumps like a 3D movie but you don't have to wear special glasses to see the horrific effects. It is SO not a good look. There's no point in going to all that effort when you end up changing into jeans to disguise the red pricks. So, I've done a bit of research and I've tried it out and I can reveal a few tips and tricks to help you defeat this evil effect of shaving.

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  • Wet your legs

A dry shave is a hazardous shave. You need to wet your legs before shaving, whether it's in the shower or the bath. The key to smoothness is hydration. You should let your legs soak in water for at least five minutes before moving on to the next step which is to:

  • Exfoliate

Shaving bumps are caused by trapped hairs and exfoliating with a gentle body scrub once or twice a week (depending on how often you shave) will help prevent hair becoming ingrown. Always exfoliate before shaving.

  • Use a lotion

Whether it's shaving foam, coconut oil or hair conditioner (yes, really. People swear by it!) you must use a lubricant between your legs and the razor. It's the first rule of bump prevention!

  • Shave with the grain

I know, I know, this goes against everything you've been told but shaving in the direction of hair growth really reduces irritation. If there are niggly little bits you can always go back over them but there's no need to do the whole leg.


  • Soothe with a warm, damp towel

If those horrid lumps rear their ugly heads, you can soothe them by gently pressing a towel soaked (but wrung out!) in warm water.

  • Slather with moisturiser

Moisturiser softens and hydrates skin so it's a no brainer that it helps with stopping razor bumps in their tracks. Just don't use anything with ingredients that can irritate the skin if you already have razor bumps - use something like aloe vera or shea butter. First, pat your legs dry, then apply your lotion.

  • Change the blade

Don't even think about waiting for your razor blade to become rusty before changing it. Shaving with a dull blade is not only really hard to do (you need to apply pressure and that is such a shaving no no) it just doesn't sound like a very good idea, no? It's best to change the blade every five uses and don't keep your razor in the shower which is a breathing ground for bacteria.

Have you had trouble with razor bumps before? Can you share your tips or tricks? Is there anything we should add to the list, STAT - go on, we'll give you a hat tip!



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