The most popular foundation brushes and how to use them

Foundation brushes can make all the difference when it comes to creating the perfect base. But do you know which is right for you?

Foundation brushes - like all brushes these days - come in many, many shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer synthetic or natural hair, luxury or cheap and cheerful versions, there's something out there for everyone. But sometimes, having so many to choose from can get confusing. We all know one thing, though, we want a brush that will give us a flawless, naturally beautiful base.

We're breaking it down today with some of the most popular foundation brushes so you'll be able to tell your duo fibre from your flat head, and kabuki from oval.

Duo Fibre

Technically, duo fibre means that the brush contains two kinds of hair - usually natural and synthetic, which gives you the classic black and white finish to them.

These are versatile brushes which can be used to apply and blend liquid, cream or gel foundations. The idea is that you use very light pressure and swirl and blend the product. The black part should never touch skin; think of it more of a strengthening base for the white hairs so they aren't just flopping all over the place.

Flat Head


The flat head foundation brush is one of the most classic brushes out there. These are ideal for using with liquid or cream formulas. A lot of makeup artists will start by applying foundation with a flat head to get coverage, and then buff and blend using a duo fibre or oval for an airbrushed finish to skin.


Kabuki foundation brushes can come in small, medium and large sizes. The densely packed hairs are ideal for applying and smoothing thicker formulas such as cream foundation or high coverage foundation.



Oval foundation brushes are one of the newer ones to hit the beauty scene. They're easy to recognise as they sort of look like a miniature hairbrush. These are designed essentially as a final buffing tool to create a really smooth, even base. You can apply foundation with them, but it takes a little longer than with a more classic brush.

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