Fresh-faced makeup inspiration for good skin days

Fresh-faced is a term that we aspire to here at Beaut HQ whether that's for real, or with a helping hand! Here are some gorgeous looks to try when you're having a good skin day.

Fresh-faced is something we aspire to be, but it doesn't always happen naturally. Sometimes, our face needs a helping hand - whether that comes in the form of a hydrating primer, highlighter or a dewy foundation. We know the tricks of the trade and we're not afraid to use them!

Sometimes though, something magical happens. You wake up, and everything is right with the world! Today, we've picked out some gorgeous, fresh faced makeup inspiration - for when you're having a really good skin day.

Inner Eye Highlights

To give the illusion of no makeup, but still have bright, wide awake eyes highlighter is key. Team with mascara for a pretty, no fuss makeup.

Sharp Cats Eye Flick


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When you're skin looks good, a sharp flick is all you need to accentuate your eyes.

Soft Pastels

Nothing looks softer than a little wash of colour on your eyes. Delicate tones of lilac and purple work well on blue, grey, green and brown eyes.

Red Lip Balm



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Softer than a lipstick, but still able to add a hint of colour. A red lip balm will help to brighten skin and eyes in one simple sweep.

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