Garnier Ultimate Blends 7 in 1 Dry Shampoo Is A Bleedin' Hair Revival Triumph

The absolute champion of the new Garnier Ultimate Blends range is the quiet lad in the corner - the 7 in 1 dry shampoo (€5.49).



Brands are generally embellishing the truth (i.e. talking crap) when they say that their dry shampoo does not leave that horrid powdery white residue all over your hair (and, frequently, your face), but this one actually leaves no residue. I'm suitably impressed.


It feels light, smells nice, and doesn't make you look like a baker's apprentice. Success!

If you're positively welded to your trusty can of Batiste you're going to LOVE this.  Try it and tell us how you get on.

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