Gerry Ryan Says Home Perming Kit Sales Are Up. Aaaaaieee!

gerry ryanI was in a cab the other day, and the driver had Gerry Ryan blithering away on the rayjo. I tuned in when I heard Gerry pompously start to pontificate on some sales figures released by Superdrug, who claim that sales of home perm kits have increased by 50% in the past year. Gerry didn't approve - presumably all women should have hair slicked back with slimy Brylcream, to better match their personalities. Oh no sorry, that's just him.

That's not all the curly news though, because the trend is accelerating. Fast. They sold more of the kits last week than they did during the whole of February 2006. Lawks. Scary, eh?


But I think there's a bigger question here. Sure, sales are up, but - who's buying them? Not I! Tell the truth and shame the divil - leave us a comment and tell us if you've snuck into a Superdrug, under cover of darkness, clutching a photo of Kevin Keegan in the hopes that you, too, can look as good.

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