Get Rihanna's pretty makeup look for the Valerian premiere

Did everyone love Rihanna's pretty makeup look for the Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets premiere as much as we did? Here's our guide to recreating the look.

Okay, so you may not have loved the marshmallow pink creation she wore but the makeup basically made up for it, right? Love it or hate it, Rihanna's pretty makeup look went perfectly with her dress. Let's not hold that against the makeup, though, it's just that it's the perfect makeup for any soft and girly dress. She had beautifully contoured eyes, perfect skin and the most gorgeous subtle pink lip.

World premiere of 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets'

To recreate the look at home you need two main products:



Use this gorgeous palette to contour your eyes. A touch of the orange eyeshadow in the socket line blended out towards the brow bone can be your transition colour.

Then, use the base colour all over your lid. Really pack it on with a patting motion to intensify the coverage to make your eyelid pop. We would add a little highlight to the centre of the eyelid, directly above your pupil when you're looking straight on. Finally, use the softer brown in the socket line back and forth with 'window wiper' motions.

MAC HUE rihanna's pretty makeup look

Apply a nude pink lip pencil and then MAC Hue. Trust us, this is possibly the most gorgeous pale pink lipstick ever made. It's got a really creamy texture to give you a healthy looking sheen to your lips like RiRi's.


Hey, presto! Just add your usual essentials and your pretty, girly, suits-everybody makeup look is in place!

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