How Effective is Nizoral Care Scalp Tonic for an Itchy Scalp?

Life has a habit of throwing a multitude at us, from the earth-shattering to the lesser irritations, we always need to be on our guard. While an itchy scalp would rank towards the lower end of life’s curveballs, we would all rather do without it.

More pointedly, if there is a product out there that can solve this issue, then let’s put it to the test with our fearless readers and see if itchy scalp can be banished into Room 101.

With this in mind, we gave four busy professionals the Nizoral Care Scalp Tonic to trial over the course of two weeks. Here's how they got on:

Nigella Martin – Marketing Director, 32

"While I wouldn’t say that I had severe problems with itchy scalp in the past, it has been an occasional irritant that reared its head at the most inopportune moments (weddings, hen parties, first dates). It was with relatively low expectations then, that I trialed Nizoral for 2 weeks.

"Not to be a pedant, but I did enjoy the little unexpected details. Firstly, the bottle is small and pocket-size so didn’t take up precious space. The dispensing nozzle (is nozzle the right term?!), avoided the early morning pain of overshooting a double fistful and starting the day in a ball of rage!

"Rather than being a nuisance, the application became something of a self-care ritual. The massaging of the head I found rather soothing, even if it was by my own hand. The fragrance was pleasant, but not overpowering and the outcome resulted in greater shine and hold. These are all ancillary benefits but welcome, nonetheless.

"I had no irritation, dryness, or itchiness for the duration but as an infrequent sufferer, it’s hard to assess the impact of the product on that. Moreover, it has become part of my morning and lunchtime routines and I see this continuing into the future."


Jenny Velez – Nurse, 28

"Itchy scalp has been a problem from time to time for me over the years so I was pleased to give Nizoral a go. I enjoyed the smart design of the bottle and the cool sensation when applying twice daily was refreshing and soothing. The fragrance wasn’t too pungent, which would have been a concern. The recommendation was to apply twice daily, but I found once in the morning was enough to get the benefits (work is very busy for me).

"The main takeaway is that it did clear up the irritation and flakiness of my scalp, so it did ‘what it says on the tin’, as the saying goes. Delighted with that and will be using it beyond the trial."



Sarah Murphy – Neo-Natal Nurse, 35

"The woes of an irritated scalp is something that has befallen me, particularly in recent times. Could Nizoral be the answer to this nuisance? The small bottle that complied readily for early morning application got things off to a good start. The effect of applying to my scalp in a massaging fashion was surprisingly relaxing as was the restorative effect it had on my hair. Once or twice the fluid was ‘a little urgent’ in coming out resulting in excess in the hands.

"Down to business though - the product has reinvigorated my scalp and it’s never been in a healthier state. Not sure if this is real or imagined, but previously an alarming amount of hair was to be found post-shower in the bath and that has now reduced to much less terror-inducing amounts since I began the trial. Needless to say, happy to give this a 5-star review and only hope the results continue long term."


Joy Avendula – Senior Carer, 29

"To the question of whether I suffered from itchy scalp? Alas yes, and it’s been a minor burden for many years now. I approached the trial with a mixture of optimism and fear, given if this didn’t work I may have been resigned to a life of flaky irritation forevermore.

"The bottle was very convenient to slip into my bag and I was able to apply without issue. Once or twice, it did come bombing out of the bottle so a note of caution on that front. After a few days, considering the usual thick and wavy quality of my hair, I noticed a new straight, shiny, and smooth improvement with fewer knots. This coupled with the general ‘cooling’ sensation was much appreciated. The fragrance was agreeable and given my job as a front liner means I am mixing with people a lot, it wasn’t overwhelming for colleagues and residents.

"Crucially, irritation to my scalp is at an all time low, if not 100% reduced and this has exceeded my expectations."

So there you have it, that's what our readers thought of Nizoral Care Scalp Tonic. If you want to try it for yourself, Nizoral® Care Scalp Tonic is available in pharmacies throughout Ireland. Always read the label. To discover more, head here.


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