Getting Myself Renewed


I blogged about the lovely ladies at Renew Aesthetic Clinic recently, and told you about the treatments they offer - everything from glycolic peels to microdermabrasion, colonics, endermologie, fillers as well as medical laser treatments. And because both gals are nurses, you're always in competent, excellently trained hands.

The medical laser treatment is currently the one I'm the most interested in, and I've been in to see Sinead and Jeanette at Renew to talk about getting rid of that yuckky bit of hair on my top lip.

Now, lets not be shy - because we're Irish, a lot of us have dark hair, me included. And we know what that means - hairy legs and an unfortunate tendency to unwanted hair other places besides. I've spent many an hour hidden in the bathroom removing it all too, so I finally decided, to hell with it - lets get it gone once and for all. There's no need anymore to go down a fiddly route like electrolysis with mediocre results - laser is quick, non invasive and pretty much fuss free. And the best thing about it for me is - once the treatment is complete (6 sessions, 6 weeks apart) I won't ever have to worry about it again!


I've been for a patch test and that went swimmingly - I was warned I might feel a stinging or a sensation of having a mild shock, but nope - nothing. So I'm really confident about how the rest of the treatment will go - I think it's going to be a cinch!

You'll be hearing more from me about the joys of laser hair removal as my treatment progresses, but if you're interested right now, then contact the gals at Renew. Each area you want to have treated costs €80 per session (under arms are more) and you'll need 6, basically because hair grows at different rates and cycles, and you want to get it all gone. But if you book a course of treatments, you'll get a 10% discount, which is a great incentive.

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