Going Grey gracefully: Would You?

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Despite my addiction to beauty products, I'm pretty low maintenance in a lot of areas. I can count on one hand the number of times I've used self-tanner, for example, and (shock horror) I've never gone for a salon wax. I'm also very low-key when it comes to my hair. Hair trends just don't work on me, so my hair stays straight and long (the length varies from time to time, but it's always long) and uncoloured.

I happen to love my natural hair colour (dark brown) and one of the many reasons I've stayed with my current hairstylist for so long is that he has never uttered the phrase "Would you think of having a few highlights put in?" in my vicinity. I did experiment with DIY red hair in college (which resulted in brown hair with a sort of red glow - I can't possibly be the only here with that experience) and there were a few years of black hair out of a box when I was young enough to get away with it. Apart from those adventures, however, my hair has remained its natural colour.

These days, however, the appearance of grey hair has made me start thinking about colour again. I actually got my first grey hairs years ago, probably in my early twenties, but luckily their rate of increase has been slow and the grey patches are mainly below my hairline or at the back of my head and so are not immediately obvious. I tweeze those annoying wiry ones that have a tendency to pop straight up from the top of my head, but the strands to the side that are visible when I pull my hair back into a ponytail don't really bother me.

What will I do when the grey starts to take over, however? If I want to colour it, the options seem to be either taking it lighter all over so the greys blend in better, or leaving it close to my natural colour and having to colour it frequently to keep up with regrowth.


Or I can be brave and go with the flow, to see how grey looks on me. I quite like this idea in theory, but in reality it might be somewhat different. Daphne Guinness rocks her two-toned grey hair, but then she has the avant-garde personal style to go with it, and Kristen McMenamy gets away with grey thanks to her supermodel status. But the majority of you didn't like the faux-grey trend when we last discussed it; I wonder what the consensus is on going grey naturally?

Do I dare? Would you? Take the poll and let us know in a comment below!

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