For someone with naturally brown hair, how does Gwen Stefani never have roots?

Gwen Stefani has a personal hair stylist, and he's been spilling her hair dye secrets

Gwen Stefani's blonde hair is the envy of everyone on this fine planet we call Earth. If she were a citizen of Essos, Daenerys would behead her for it. But a whole lot of work goes into that platinum barnet. Luckily, Gwen has an on-call hair stylist to tend to it every week.

Danilo has been working with Gwen for years now, and it is he who comes up with her various styles and maintains the blonde shade we love so dearly.

Gwen appears on The Voice on Mondays and Tuesdays, so Danilo works his magic on her tresses every Monday. He colours it with a specially formulated dye that is apparently bleach-free (eh, market that immediately, Danilo). Then he straightens or braids or curls or does whatever he feels like to it because he's Danilo.

In an interview with Refinery 29, Danilo says, “I learned that I could get to a place of achieving the blond that I want, and the quality of hair that we need and want, by using a new product, as opposed to just bleach. People are like 'that's not natural' and I say, ‘Of course it is — it's supernatural’." WHAT IS IT?

Anyway, in the same interview, Danilo reveals that 'Italian girl' Gwen has naturally brown wavy hair, as seen in the music video for Cool. Which we love.



If you're currently sporting the it's-Friday-get-me-the-F-outta-here look with hair scraped back in a pony, well, according to Dani, you're not tired or fed up, you're being 'European.' He says "I'm a big fan of putting your hair away. To get the slick look just groom your hair with a conditioner, pull it up, and give it a treatment the whole night or the whole day. It's very European to me."


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