Hair affair: Vogue Williams rocks the pixie cut

We're used to seeing Vogue with a serious head of hair; y'know, the kind of hair that makes you regret the hair chop of 2014 that you're still trying to grow back in but somehow your hair knows that's what you want and so you suspect it's growing ridiculously slowly on purpose. I am somewhat suspicious of it.

Yes, my hair and I have a relationship that Elvis would sing about.


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But Vogue has just debuted quite the hair transformation, posting a pic to her Instagram of her rocking a bright yellow pixie cut. And damn it, she looks like some kind of badass superhero (superheroine?) cartoon character.



Well it's say to say that I won't be getting a yellow pixie cut anytime soon but loved this look for the day ?

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Now, this seems to have been a 'one day only' hair affair. But the more we look at it, well, the more we think that with a slight shade change, she could be onto something here. She has the cheekbones for the pixie cut.

Me, on the other hand, I'd look like Cast Away's Wilson.


Are you a fan of the pixie cut? Have you ever gone for a dramatic hair change?

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