Hair exfoliator: What is it, and do you need it?

If you expose your head to sunlight and use any sort of product on your head, you probably need a hair exfoliator

Hair is very like our skin. Instead of pores, though, it has cuticles that respond very similarly to pores. Regardless of what product you use, hair can look dry (and damaged) but it can also get oily rather too quickly. UVA and UVB rays can be factors, but sometimes the dry but oily look and feeling can be down to a massive build up in product.

When it comes to skin, exfoliating is essential for getting rid of dead cells and brightening up the appearance. In the same way, every week or month, depending on the level of build-up, we recommend exfoliating the scalp and hair.

I am a huge fan of Kevin.Murphy hair products - they're basically all I use - and my favourite hair exfoliator is its Maxi Wash.





Kevin.Murphy Maxi Wash €23.50

Before learning about hair and scalp exfoliation, the thought just didn't occur to me. It makes serious sense, though, and the difference to my hair was massive, from the texture to the shine to manageability.

The process is simple yet slightly different to shampooing. You apply the clear shampoo-like product on wet hair instead of your shampoo once a month or week as required. You massage it into the scalp and hair but do not rub. Next, you pull sections of your hair from root to tip in a downward direction. You will see the hair lather up by doing this. Then you leave it to work for a minute or so.

The essential oils-based product has AHA fruit acids in it (yes, the same as you would use to exfoliate your skin). It cleanses and removes debris from the scalp, essentially leaving your hair cleansed and free from all build up. It also leaves it open to absorb a nutrition rich conditioner or mask. I would recommend using a great hair treatment directly after and you will not recognise your own locks.


The Maxi Wash is also excellent for people prone to dandruff or flakiness and excellent for a couple of days before getting your colour done as it will help your hair retain the dye.

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