Hair Health: did you ever hear the like

bacardi breezer

Ah hair can’t survive on a diet of Barcardi Breezers and Tayto. More’s the pity. Oh no hair just has to love health doesn’t it. Pesky hair.

You can be slathering on as many expensive products as you like, but if you’re not feeding it right it’s never gonna look its best.

Hair is strict and in a nun like fashion it loves to be fed on a nutritious healthy diet of green veg, water and chastity. Ok made that last one up.


Hair loves protein, so feed it good quality stuff. Fish and eggs are particularly good. Brown rice, wheat germ, avocado, pulses and loads of fruit and veg will give it the vitamins and minerals it needs. Crash dieting is a disaster for the auld gruaig so make sure to shlurp down a few yogurts and other moo products even when trying to lose weight. For the calcium like.

As an added bonus, any regime that you embark on for the hair will also show in your nails.They’re made of the same stuff you see. But be patient. It will take a few months to see results. No instant gratification here. Bah!

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