Hair Piece Today, Gone Tomorrow

We are all about the New Year's resolutions at this time of year - eat less, exercise more, learn to love pulled kale and hipster detox juices.

But I had a relatively simple one - grow hair fast. Yes, I long for, well, long hair that I can style à la Blake Lively and twist in a thick chignon in under three seconds flat. But see, I have no patience. I want it NOW. I don't have to time to sit around while those follicles do their thing, I want a Worzel Gummidge-type head range that I can slip on and off at will.

But while I wait for Worzle Noggins™ to roll out, I've found another way around my lock-length lust.

monaco-long-45-cm-balmain-hair-elegance-monaco-11999zlI recently took myself off to Kazumi on Dublin's Molesworth Street where I left with an ENTIRE NOGGIN OF GRUAIG.

The specialise in Balmain hair, clip-in hair extensions that come in a gazillion different shades and types. Fancy a fringe? No worries, you can just clip one in for the evening and not have to wait four months to grow out. Need volume in a jiffy? Don't worry, you can have it in half a jiffy.

I opted for the Monaco (€60), a long clip-in ponytail that literally clipped around the band on my own ponytail. I brushed it through (it's human hair so you can treat as you would do your own) and while I thought it looked quite natural, I'll leave you to judge the results for yourself.



I was expecting to have a difference in colour but honestly, it was damn well matched to my own shoulder-length hair. And then sure, I got all fancy and decided to pin it back under itself because, well, I could.

And do you know what, I loved it.


So tell me, what do you think? Have you ever used clip-in extensions or do you think that it's all too much of a follicle faff? To the comments!

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