Hair Styling 101 - Get the Bouncy Blow Dry Look at Home

How much does it cost for a professional blow dry? Well at least €30 and more in Dublin city centre. But if you don't mind a little work to get the look yourself, then will you save yourself a few pennies in the run up to Christmas? Absolutely.

I love hair that has movement and bounce, and sometimes only the hairdresser can do it for you. But with some practice I've managed to get the equivalent  (well almost) with my own hair tools and the odd great product. So here we go, be prepared to sweat  little - and make sure you wear a light top and open the window cos it's about to get hot in here.

  • Hair Prep

The before. Day old Hair. The before. Day old Hair.

This hair do doesn't really need a hair dryer per se. Instead it works better on day old hair that holds the shape for longer. Blast your hair dry and then go to bed. There you go, very simple prep.

  • Products

New Shampure Dry Shampoo from Aveda New Shampure Dry Shampoo from Aveda

The key thing is getting hold, so you need to make sure you add something to your hair before you start the styling and afterwards to hold it. Try the new Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo which I am incredibly impressed with. It's 100% mineral based so there's nothing to damage your hair. It's a very fine powder that you squeeze out of the bottle directly. I apply this to my roots to give lift and texture. Then brush it through the hair so there's an even distribution.

  • Style

The styling! The styling!

I use a straightener, which is always hard to master. I use the Vidal Sassoon Hydra Gloss that's less than €40 in Boots. Take small sections and clamp the tool down on the hair close to the root. As you start to move it down the strand, start to twist it back on itself to create a wave. This takes a bit of practice I have to say, to get the movement right and create a curl. But, it doesn't have to be a perfect curl. Nope, this look is about having bounce and movement, and not a pin curl look. So if it's looking a bit messy, you're on the right track.

  • Style, Part Deux

When you've completed your whole head, then throw it forward and give it a shake to separate any tight curls that might have formed and taking a paddle brush lightly brush through your mane. And yes, your head is still forward. Try this before a meal.

  • Finish

Ta-Dah! Ta-Dah!

To add more lift you can back comb your roots if you like, but I prefer to take some hairspray and add it to the roots so the lift remains. TIGI Bed Head Flexi Head is a great spray for this look as it's strong, but flexible.

Do you think you can get the look at home? Sure why not tweet us your pics!

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