Hairdresser Ruins Woman's Hair, She Reacts Pretty Damn Strongly...

No doubt you've been in a situation where you've watched helplessly as the hairdresser or barber destroys your hair.

You asked for a short back and sides or a trim and, instead, they're lobbing off chunks and chunks of your hair and pouring pink dye on top of it because it's what hot at the moment.

All while you grind your teeth and stare up at the muted TV as it plays Murder She Wrote for the millionth time. This lady, however, wasn't going to take it.

The video footage sees a crazed lady smash the hell out of a hairdresser with a sledgehammer, breaking up sinks, mirrors and anything else she can break.

Apparently, the former customer was enraged with a sub-standard cut and demanded vengeance against them.

Take a look.


You might say her hairdo was... SMASHING.

No? Nothing?

Are you a thank-you-it's-lovely-I-always-a-mauve-bowl-cut type of person or do you let the hairdresser know when you simply aren't happy?

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