Hate tha': Aengus MacGrianna to become YouTube beauty guru?

We KNOW you really wanted to say What The F**k here Aengus.

He thought the cameras weren't rolling - but they were

Marks out of ten for Aengus and his method of makeup application? Well Beaut.ie reckons he did a pretty good job for a solo male player.  He's obviously got a lot of training and practice.  The last minute sweep of shoulder dandruff is also fantastic attention to detail.

10/10: speed of application and business like non faffing around


10/10: familiarity with powder compact

0/10: disappointing lack of of pouting and bouffing up hair

Now girls. What brand is he using?  It looks like it might be Estee Lauder - but the colour is wrong isn't it? Clarins?  What do you think?

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