How often do you wash your hair? Do you wait until it smells?

Okay, I admit I'm still on the subject of the Jessica Simpson "make up free" cover.

Cos one of the things she said, is that when she's just slobbing around she doesn't bother to wash her hair until it smells. If you go along this route it can lead to the problem of "dinner hair." You know, it's someone with hair that is so long overdue a wash that it smells like stew or similar.

I can't imagine Jessica with dinner hair so this was probably a slight exaggeration - but I know how she feels.


I HATE washing my hair, it's a total pain in the ass. I will do anything to put off the evil moment. If I think I can get another day out of it I will (dry shampoo I love you so much). It's long and thick and takes ages to wash and dry. I can do nothing with it - the only time it looks okay is when the hairdresser firmly blowdries the life out of it.

In fact if I won the lotto or came into a substantial sum of money I would have a personal hairdresser.

Are you an everyday washer? Or will you leave yours until it's about to walk off your head and you've just absolutely got to wash it?

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