I shop online and I like it: Best online shopping bargains?

Teen using credit card and laptop

November is officially online shopping month - and there are literally gazillions of great deals floating around out there. We'll be bringing you some of the best ones naturellement - but just to get us started we'd love to know what you've picked up super cheaply online. In November there's no rush - there's time for everything to be delivered and you'll get a head start on all your Crimbo shopping

I love shopping online - everything from supermarket deliveries, to clothes, shoes, books, CDs, and of course beauty products make their way to my door. Makeup and cosmetics are small and lightweight and that makes them perfect for online shipping. It's easy to compare discounts, it's easy to click and shop, there's no struggling around overcrowded shops with loads of bags - it's a no brainer.


Now over to you! What have been your best online bargains?

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