I'm dreaming of a white Christmas: Microdermabrasion for yer scalp - La Roche-Posay Kerium shampoo

And so this is Christmas and we're having a total gorgeousness fest here at Beaut.ie. All the most fabilis makeup collections, skincare and perfumes are flooding onto the market - like a veritable Santa's sleigh overflowing with goodies. But that doesn't mean regular beauty problemos just vanish.

Oh no - they're still with us. That's why we feel it is our duty not to neglect them. Kirstie's been talking about cellulite, Lynnie's been nattering about oily skin and now I want to talk about dandruff.

If you've tried everything (T-Gel, Head and Shoulders and the rest) and nothing is shifting those super annoying flakes then you might like to give La Roche Posay's Kerium, €10.50, a go. It's a creamy shampoo that harnesses the power of microdermabrasion to gently scour and lift away stubborn patches of the white flaky stuff.

So, if the only snow you want to see falling in the foreseeable is from the sky on Christmas Day, perhaps you might like to give this a go.



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