In a Rush? 4 Top Tips for Make Up on the Go

Doing your make up in the morning, or even for a night out, can be a time consuming process.

And while I do love the whole getting ready process (even more so that the actual going out sometimes), other times I really need a quick turnaround. When time isn't always with me, I need to have a well seasoned make up routine that speeds everything up.

But before I share my wisdom, there are a couple of assumptions to make. First is that you are applying make up to a clean, moisturised face which is always the best base. Secondly, you are working with just your make up bag that has your essentials. And third, we are aiming for a natural, not too "made-up" face.

A more complicated look takes more time, but this easy step by step with some recommended products should help you devise your own five minute make up.

  • Use your fingers

Make up applied using my fingers on a plane! Travel time: Make up applied using my fingers on a plane!

Get the quickest foundation application by using your fingers rather than a brush. I find my fingers give great, even coverage when I'm in a rush, plus you can focus on the areas of your face that might need some more attention.

I have also noticed that when I apply my make up this way, I don't need as much concealer. The same applies for under the concealer; simply dab this on with your fingers very gently and blend from side to side with a blending brush.

And to seal it all up, get a make up sponge and wet it, dab it in some pressed powder and pad it into your skin where its needed.

  • The eyes have it

Charlotte Tilbury's Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise! Charlotte Tilbury's Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise!

One thing I learned when I recently spoke with Charlotte Tilbury is that eye shadows can be easily applied with your fingers too, as long as they have a strong pigment.

And Charlotte's Nocturnal Cats Eyes to Hypnotise do exactly that. Using your index finger, simply smudge on the colour to your eye lids and you're done. Add some kohl pencil to your upper lashes, and a splash of mascara to frame your eyes.

  • Highlight

Highlight using Sleek (same plane as above!) Highlight using Sleek ( as above)

Invest in a palette that has a highlight, bronzer and blush all in one.

I love Sleek's Face Form that has all three for less than €15. Taking a blending brush, lightly swish the bronzer back and forth in a line under your cheek bone and blend. Highlight in a "c" around your eyes and then apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks. That all takes less than 30 seconds.

  • Get lippy

L'Oreal Infallible Lip Line, €7.49 L'Oreal Infallible Lip Line, €7.49

All you need on the go for a quick fix is a decent lip liner and gloss. Outline your lips with the pencil and fill in slightly working from your lip line inwards.

Then take a coloured gloss, similar in shade to that of the liner and dot on with your fingers. I love doing this look with MAC lipglass and nude lip liner like L'Oreal Infallible Liner. You can do with this with all shades depending on your taste; I think it works best with pink and nude colours when you only have a few minutes.


What's your morning make up routine like? Are you out the door in ten minutes or do you spend some time on your cosmetics and coffee?

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