In the Heat of the Night: Silvikrin Style & Heat Protection Spray

I know what they are supposed to do but I have never totally bought into the idea of heat protection spray. Like, it's a just gimmick, right? To get you to buy yet another hair product? If it really could be proven that heat protection sprays actually work I would buy them by the bucket-load.

I have very weak hair that breaks at the very sight of a curling iron or hair straightener and frizzes within metres of a blow-drier. Once my hair splits it is only a matter of hours till it's half way up the strand. A spray that would save me from that misery would be much obliged, thank you very much.


Silvikrin by Wella has unveiled a new heat styling range that is made up of a protection spray, a hairspray and a mousse (and the Strictly fabulous Darcey Bussell is the face of the campaign). Apparently scientists have devoted their time to developing something called Thermoflex technology which is the special ingredient in the new range and promises to protect gruaig against heated styling equipment.

It works in two stages. The first stage creates a protective layer to deflect heat and the second provides a smoothing effect. To activate the technology you have to shake the bottle to combine the two stages. Now call me a cynic, but that's the kind of talk that puts me off these kind of products. I can't help but wonder is this just gimmicky.

Luckily for Silvikrin, I am not the kind of girl who will write something off based on its marketing spiel. I tried the spray after washing my hair and I must say, it was surprisingly unlike the other heat sprays I've been duped into trying in times past. It's very lightly spritsy, not at all heavy and has a lovely scent. I'm always afraid that spraying stuff on my hair before blow drying that my hair will be horribly weighed down and not 'fresh' looking but this spray didn't have that effect at all.



They say that an added benefit of this spray is that it provides flexible hold while styling and I have to say, it did. There's no need for (a light) hairspray when you use this. If it really does protect the hair from heat damage then this could be a wonder product! Time will tell whether that's true or not.

I tried it on dry hair this morning before running a straightener through it and it gave a nice bit of hold (and the illusion that I wasn't damaging my hair too much.) Like with my wet hair, it didn't feel sticky, it didn't weigh it down, it gave a nice hold for my thin, weak locks and my hair still looked like it had a bit of life in it.


At €4.29 this is a much better deal than other expensive sprays that promise ten benefits but don't deliver. It's probably better for fine, light hair that tends to look lank after using styling products rather than thicker hair but I would be interested to hear what fuller haired lasses have to say about it.


Do you use heat protection spray? Does it work for you? Will you give this one a try? Let us know in the comments!

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