IsaDora Light Touch Natural Radiant Make-Up SPF15 - the Foundation for Lovely Girls?

isadora foundation

News of great import hit my inbox last week: IsaDora is launching a new foundation mid-August, Light Touch Natural Radiant Make-Up SPF15, €19.95.

Ok, so that's news if you're a beauty blogger alright, but it alone wasn't what captured my attention.

This nugget of info did, however: "The Miss Ireland finalists are currently ‘road-testing’ pre-launch samples prior to its official launch in mid August."

Oh me nerves.  Could this foundation be to cosmetics what the Lovely Girls competition of Craggy Island is to beauty pageants? In other words, amazing. My imagination went into overdrive (soundtracked to Paul Engerman's Push It To The Limit from the Scarface soundtrack) as I visualised the Miss Ireland finalists scientifically testing Light Touch Natural Radiant Make-Up SPF15 for wear and tear during the swimsuit round, the evening guna bit and then seeing how it lasted as they did their party piece song/ancient wailing sean nos/poem/jig etc. Or is that the Rose of Tralee? Ok, maybe it is.


Whatever, I applaud you IsaDora for a genius bit of marketing. I also look forward to trying this for myself, to see if it will indeed give me a visage a Miss Ireland herself would be proud of. For those of you who want some deets on, y'know, what it's actually like, it's apparently a sheer-to-light coverage base suitable for all skins barring oily and it'll come in eight shades.

Once one lands on the newsdesk and we've put it through its paces, we'll let you know our thoughts.

Now, where did I put my Irish dancing shoes ...

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