The innovative new IsaDora mascara you have to try

IsaDora has just launched the innovative new Stretch Lash mascara. And we're predicting it's going to be a big hit with lash fans.

An IsaDora mascara has always been a solid choice. But now, they've changed the playing field to make it a brilliant choice. The brand new Stretch Lash Mascara (€17.95) is innovative and original. The new design offers up a unique 2-in-1 wand that can be used to create length and definition as well as extra volume for lashes. Sounds good, right?


So, what makes this one so interesting then? Well, as with most mascaras, it all boils down to the wand. On the top of it, you can see a small dial. This allows you to expand and shrink the wand from full length to a smaller size. The reason for this is so that you can customise the look of your lashes.


Full length and smaller length wand

When testing it out, we've been using the longer length to define and lengthen, coating lashes from root to tip. Then, we've switched to the smaller size to build volume and reach the tiny lashes that are easy to miss otherwise.The formula itself is very good too, so thankfully this isn't just a novelty or "fun" mascara. It's buildable and doesn't become dry or clumpy.

If the new Stretch Lash Mascara is an indicator of what's to come from the newly relaunched Isa Dora, then we're very excited to see what's next on the cards!

*IsaDora Stretch Lash mascara is available in selected pharmacies nationwide now in four shades; black, brown, burgundy and dark blue. 

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