James Brown Hair Reviving Dry Shampoo: Great stuff altogether


There's no denying that an auld can o' dry shampoo can be a very, very handy thing to have about the place indeed. Whether you're trying to disguise the not-quite-freshly-washed look of second (or third!) day hair or lessen the slippiness of just-washed gruaig to coax it into an upstyle, it's a bit of a lifesaver product.

Even so, dry shampoo is not something I'd be inclined to spend big money on. I did recently swap my trusty Batiste (€3.19, thankyouvermuch) for the fancy James Brown equivalent, though, courtesy of the seemingly bottomless bag of goodies from last month's Fashion Bloggers Brunch. Its minimalist white packaging makes it decidedly more discreet than the cheerful-but-very-feckin-obvious green Batiste can, the talc particles in the mist it sprays are finer so you can avoid looking like you've just enthusiastically rubbed a bucketful of chalk dust into your scalp - and it even manages to smell nice, too.


The James Brown haircare line is available exclusively to Boots, and the handbag-and-travel-friendly 75ml size of this Hair Reviving Dry Shampoo costs €3, while a full size version would set you back around €8.

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