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"How's it going," enquired judge Abbey Clancy of one of the contestants in James Brown's Great British Hairdresser, currently airing on E4. "I'll be better when you stop asking me questions and I can just get on," he bitchily replies. Yowsa! Thus sets the scene for a show in which high street stylists compete to be crowned the Great British Hairdresser by Brown himself. And you can imagine the melt-downs, hissy fits and all-round crap 'dos trotted out week after week, can't you? Needless to say, it's telly gold.

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Photo Fabulous Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner, €8.79 each

Handily, James has a new range coming out very shortly too. For the convenience, like. Considering their price points, James Brown London's products have always punched way above their weight; Photo Fabulous looks like it'll take up where the others left off. Available at Boots from April 15th, there are five products in the new line and judging by the press blurb this is all about high-octane shine, drama and presence.


james brown

Photo Fabulous Wave Spray, €9.79, Dry Shampoo and Firm Hold Hairspray (no prices yet for these two yet, sorry, but I'm assuming they'll be in and around the same under-a-tenner cost.)


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