Time Balm concealer has a €2 dupe and it's brilliant

There are a few essentials in a standard makeup bag, and concealer is one of them. Penneys have a great dupe for the Balm Time Balm concealer.

Concealer is an absolute essential in my makeup bag. I love to use a really light foundation and then use concealer to place extra coverage just in the areas that need it. It's a great method for creating a natural looking but flawless skin. Wearing a full coverage foundation to cover blemishes and redness will give you a 'made up' look whereas spot-concealing where you need it will give you the coverage without the mask effect. Penneys' My Perfect Colour cream concealer is a great cheap alternative to the famous Time Balm concealer by the Balm.

The Balm

time balm concealer

The Balm Time Balm Concealer €17.50

Time Balm is a gorgeous neutral toned concealer that will cover just about anything. What's lovely about it is the natural dewy finish it leaves on your skin. It doesn't catch in dry skin, and it has a really opaque finish so it will cover even the biggest of spots. Most impressively, it's got Vitamins A, C and E and Panthenol. With all those vitamins in it - it can keep your skin hydrated and has anti-ageing properties. It conditions your skin while you wear it.


If €17.50 is out of your budget, we have a good alternative for you. Welcome, Penneys' full coverage concealer. It's a lot kinder on your purse strings, and while it can't claim to have the same standard of ingredients as Time Balm, it still has a lot going for it.


Penneys My Perfect Colour Concealer

PS My Perfect Colour Cream Concealer €2

Penneys' full coverage concealer has about the same coverage ability as the Time Balm concealer. It has the same creamy finish as Time Balm and is about the same opacity. All round, it's a pretty good alternative cream concealer and will cover redness and spots effectively.


What's your all-time favourite product for concealing spots and blemishes?

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