John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder: tried and tested and not much use


Prompted by a comment on the Forums the other day, I was reminded to put up this review of John Frieda's new Sheer Blonde Go Blonder, €8.49.

I sought out a blonde haired lassie who had no highlights in her hair, so we could see the pure unadulterated results. (That was actually quite difficult - try to think of a fair haired girl you know with nary a chemical treatment in her hair.)  But luckily I knew the very person and she gamely went ahead and used the whole bottle of shampoo to see if it would make any difference.

John Frieda say:

  • Go Blonder shampoo gently lightens natural, colour-treated and highlighted blonde hair
  • With citrus extract and chamomile, the formula improves the healthy look of your hair by tightening the cuticle and strengthening the hair shaft

We took a photo of her hair before she started (a crappy camera phone picture, too blurry to put up) so we could compare afterwards. A few weeks went by, she had finished the tube, and we ruminated over the results.


I thought her hair was a bit lighter. I definitely thought her hair was lighter. She on the other hand didn't.

"Maybe it's because it has been so gradual that you haven't noticed?" I offerred.

"No" she replied firmly. "when we took the photo it looked darker because my hair needed to be washed. It's clean now"

I was undeterred, perhaps by wishful thinking. "Look, it's brought out highlights in the front of your hair"

"Maybe..." she said.  I think she was humoring me.   "One thing it does do though is dry out your hair. And I've had better results with the camomile shampoo I used to buy from a natural shop.  Tell your readers it's good if they've greasy hair".


Well that was the verdict.  Will you fair haired ladies be trying this or have you tried it already? (it works with highlights too).

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