Kerastase Noctogenist Is Flippin' Fab


If you're a lazy caaaah like me, you'll see the value in beauty products that do things while much needed beauty sleep is being had.

So that's why I am liking the new Noctogenist range from faves Kerastase. 'Spensive, yes, at about €30ish a pop, there are two treatments available, one for thick hair, and one for fine.


In essence, what this stuff is is a leave in conditioner you apply before bed 2-3 times a week, and don't rinse out the next day. Just apply it to tips of hair, (unless of course you like that greasy look) and you'll find that your crunchy ends soon start to come into line. With no hassle! YAY! Now, that's what I like from a product, so it is.

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