Kim Kardashian & Charlotte Tilbury collaborate for charity

Since the Kardashians usually stick with themselves when it comes to branding, I really did not see this one coming. With "Momager" Kris Kardashian on board, who needs outside endorsements?

Charlotte Tilbury, who is loved by many of the bigger celebrities for her makeup ability and product line, has collaborated on a new lipstick with Kim K.


Kim personalised her "Kim K.W" shade in the rather fetching nude pink shade,  and now joins twelve other celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Liv Tyler, Victoria Beckham, Miranda Kerr and Salma Hayek on this new collection of celebrity endorsed lipsticks.

kim k l

The idea behind the range is that a donation of  €1.28 ($1.41) will go to the Women for Women charity for each lipstick sold during the first two months of the launch.


A clever idea if you ask me; it reminds me of how MAC cosmetics took off when they launched celebrity lipsticks and gave the profits to the MAC Aids fund.

Enough said.

I have no doubt this collection will sell out in record time. I, for one, am glad to see Kim doing some form of charity work with her stardom.

What are your thoughts on celebrity endorsement in the cosmetic and fashion world?

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