Kim K Goes All Out on Twitter With 'Book of Selfies' Cover and 'Furkini'

Kim Kardashian really is determined to break the internet, isn't she?

Determined to establish herself as the thing we'll all look back on the 2010s on and roll our eyes at, Kardashian took to Twitter to share the cover of her book of selfies titled 'Selfish' which she is releasing in May.

Yes, a book of 200 pictures that Kim has taken of herself. Has there ever been a greater waste of paper? Possibly not.

The 'intimate & artistic' book will feature a decades worth of Kardashian's vanity, which admittedly is quite an achievement.


Not content with a day full of her own face (why would she be), Kardashian also shared photos of herself in a 'furkini' which was apparently 'designed' by Kanye. We say 'designed' because really there's not much to design here. It's literally a bikini with fur where there should be fabric and quite possibly the most useless item of clothing ever. Genius, no?


And now we wait for PETA to get involved, because you know they're not going to be much pleased.

Now, tell us, do you have a furkini?

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