Kylie Jenner's Bathroom is Pretty Amazing (Understatement)

Kylie Jenner has a new app - so she's been treating her audience to a tour of her home. The snippet she chose to put on her instagram is the clip of her showcasing her bathroom (which is a replica of the one she has at her mawm's house) and how sister Kim Kardashian's perfume is just the "bawmb". If you want to see her bedroom - AKA where the magic happens *waggles eyebrows*, you'll have to download her app, obvs.

The below was captioned: "Bedroom tour on and on my app!! Link in bio!!!

For those unable to view the video, her Kim Kardashian perfume bottle falls apart, and she has a really lovely bath.


What do you spend most of your time doing in your bathroom? VERY personal question, but just putting it out there. One word my end - Waxing. Lots and LOTS of waxing.

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