Kylie Jenner's 'Lip Kit' Sells Out in Record Time

Given she has over 43 million followers on Instagram, and approximately 12million followers on twitter, it's hardly surprising that her 'Lip Kit' endorsement has flown off the shelves.

So what does this Lip Kit entail? Contrary to popular belief across the twittersphere this morning, it doesn't include a pair of novelty lips that'll be coming your way via a Christmas cracker shortly, or a suction device like a bottle a la the ill-advised Kylie Jenner lip challenge of yore. It simply includes a "matte liquid lipstick" and "a lip liner."

The range, which includes three hues - 'Candy K' which appears to be a nude pink; 'Dolce K', which is another nude, this time a taupe; and 'TrueBrown K', which appears to be brown - apparently sold out in "minutes" despite the colours being luridly splashed across a set of lips surrounding some seriously decaying teeth. If this doesn't depict the might of a Kylie endorsed product, we don't know what will...

Once the kits went live, the site selling them - - promptly crashed due to the surge in traffic. This led to a flurry of tweets from the 18-year-old, including...


Then she was left no option but to appease her followers by saying she was really sad that the sock sold out so fast, and there's more stock in the pipeline.

Forgive me for being ignorant, but everyone who's purchased the Lip Kit so far does know that it won't give them Kylie Jenner's lips, right?

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