Kylie's Lip Kit is a Sell Out Again Despite Copying Controversy

If you're thinking - "Wow, that rose gold colour looks amazing, now that's a hue I can get behind"... it's not part of Kylie's lip kit collection. Strangely enough, it was reportedly posted to the lip kit's Instagram page recently (it's since reportedly been deleted), but - colour aside - the artwork does look extremely familiar.


The photo from the header image is in fact by a make up artist by the name of Vlada Haggerty, who uploaded the image to her Instagram four months ago.

These are homemade glitter colours made by the make up artist...


They say that copying is a form of flattery, but Vlada doesn't see it that way. She posted the below to Instagram last week captioned: "To everyone, who comments that I need to "chill out", "be grateful" and "it's not a big deal", THIS is what will continue to happen if I don't educate people. They are my lips, my photo, my editing, my home made lipstick color using @graftobianmakeup Cosmetic Powdered Metal in Copper and clear gloss. @fweakyz you are very talented and an amazing artist, but as a fellow artist, I'm asking you to edit the caption, I am not involved with @lipkitbykylie in any way."

According to "While there's no way of confirming whether Kylie's team completely ripped off the makeup artist, the first appearance of the drip (drop, drip drippity-drop) lips, based on what we gleaned from a deep dive into Haggerty's account, is from almost a year and a half ago. And a quick scroll through her page proves that she posts similar images - and often."

They also reached out to Vlada for a comment, and she had this to say when asked if anyone from Kylie's team had asked her to work with them or asked if it was OK to use her art: "No, nobody reached out to me before or after the incident. I did message the brand through Instagram on the day of the repost, but there was no response... Crediting artists is essential, but this goes beyond that. It's theft; this is our livelihood...I see these things happen too many times to artists. We are all trying to make it, and this business is extremely competitive. I would ask anyone at this level use the proper channels to obtain images..."

Meanwhile, as Kylie's fans are increasingly left infuriated by being unable to obtain the product due to it being continuously sold out, it turns out people are buying in bulk and selling on at quite the price hike.  A user by the name @DesignerLabelsCompany posted the following comment on Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit instagram page: "KYLIE LIP KITS FOR SALE! WE HAVE THEM AVAIL FOR SALE NOW! Text or DM to order! 1 for $100 ea - 3 for $60/ea - 5 or more $40 ea,"

Needless to say, fans are not amused. Us Weekly reports: "Instead of complying with the more expensive cost, commenters launched attacks, telling @DesignerLabelsCompany 'you suck,'"you're part of the reason they sold out then,' and even claiming that the company had cyber bullied them, saying, 'after I called them out they attacked me on my personal page and called me names I won't even repeat. And then also made fun of my disabled best friend and made a racist remark towards him. So gross'."


Do you understand why Kylie's lip kits are SO popular? Would you indulge?

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