(Laser) Light at the end of the Tunnel for Blondes with Meladine

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If you're fair-haired, laser hair removal has always been out of the question, because the laser works by identifying the pigment in the follicles. Lasers are like dumb animals. If they don't identify a noticeable difference between skin and hair colours, they're likely to inflict damage to the skin - and you absolutely don't want that.

This is one reason why you should  be wary of going to a small, general beauty salon for something like this - the risks are just too high. Go to a proper, professionally-run hair removal clinic or somewhere where a nurse will be performing your treatment. They'll have expertise as well as the best equipment and the best staff. It might be more expensive, but as far as I'm concerned, it's generally not worth it otherwise.

That avenue wasn't open to anyone with blonde, grey, strawberry blonde or some types of red hair until now. But I've been reading about a smart solution called Meladine on US websites, and it's now in Ireland.


Meladine is a topical spray you use pre-laser to literally dye the hair follicles with melanin, so the machine has something to use as a key. FDA approved, the Dublin location of the Harley Medical Group is now using it as part of their laser offering, meaning anyone can now have the treatment.

Of course, there's an extra cost: each bottle of Meladine costs about €75, and you'll typically need at least a couple of them over a course of laser treatment. It all sounds great in theory, but I haven't spoken to anyone who's experienced it for themselves - always the acid test of anything allegedly whizz-bang like this.

Do you know of anywhere else offering laser with Meladine, or have you tried it? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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