Last minute facial treatments to give you the glow for Christmas

If you want to do a last minute facial treatment to revive your skin and give it that glow for Christmas day you need to know which ones to go for and which to stay away from.

When it's getting close to D day or C day as the case may be we are actually all getting tired and run down. The lead up to Christmas day is much like the lead up to a wedding. It's so hectic. There is an endless list of things to do. You've been doing Christmas present shopping for weeks, work is always busy as we all try to tie up the loose ends before the break. This last week the food shop has to be done for Christmas day and there are always a few presents we've forgotten to get. It tends to be a busy stressful time so you could very well be needing a last minute facial treatment to get your glow back in time for Christmas Day.


There are a few golden rules to remember if you are giving yourself a facial treatment or going for a professional one just before an occasion. There are certain masks and ingredients it's wise to avoid. Why would you avoid face masks you might wonder? Different face masks are intended to target different skin issues. Depending on what ingredients are in the mask there might be some down time after using the mask. Down time means that you need a few days for your skin to recover and get back to normal. It could do anything from encouraging a breakout to causing redness in your skin.


The facial treatments you want to avoid are dermal peels, micro needling, vampire facials or facials that are purifying. Basically avoid any type of invasive facial that will leave you with extreme redness and marking. Microneedling and peels will generally leave your skin red and damaged. The damage repairs itself in a few days but the amount of time is different for everybody. It can take anything from a couple of days up to a week. It's a risk to have this sort of facial too close to any big event. Purifying facial treatments often aim to draw impurities out of your skin. They will use ingredients like green clay and Salicylic Acid to get rid of blemishes and black heads. They will often leave your skin a bit dry and flaky and you might see some breakouts afterwards.

The facial treatments that are ideal in close proximity to Christmas day or any big occasion are facials that brighten, hydrate and plump your skin. When you are checking out the menu for skin treatments look for facials with facial massage. Facial massage is amazing for boosting the circulation and getting rid of puffiness. There are usually treatments that restore radiance or antioxidant rich treatments on there. Look for those buzz words and you'll be onto a facial that's going to revive tired stressed skin. They will leave your skin plumped and glowing in the lights of the Christmas tree.

Is your skin looking tired and grey in the run up to Christmas?

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