Lidl Macadamia Oil Hair Treatment: Only The Fonz Could Rock this Amount of Gruaig Grease

After reading about how good the Lidl Argan Oil hair products were, I decided I had to try the new Macadamia hair range for myself. And seeing as the body butter from this range got a big thumbs up so I had high hopes for the products.

Well, wasn't I the foolha(i)rdy one.

Macadamia Hair Treatment Box

My hair is naturally curly and very thick. And like main others blessed with such mops, it is notoriously dry. I only use shampoo a maximum of twice a week. It is almost impossible for me to sport greasy hair. I could leave it an entire week and it still wouldn't be greasy. Yes we all have our hair care crosses to bear; so while some of you lovely ladies are struggling with dry shampoos or daily hair washing, I'm fumbling around with oils and smoothing products.

Moroccan Oil is my go-to product. I use it after every wash. But sometimes the funds just won't stretch that far (usually because they've been spent on clothes) and for those times I've found L'Oreal Elvive Oil a great substitute.


So when I heard about this range I thought that this might be another great dupe at an even lower price point of €1.99 for 50ml.

Macadamia Hair Treatment BottleNow, in one way it was a huge success. It successfully managed to turn my bone dry hair into a grease ball after only one application. Honestly, in a bizarre way I'm actually quite impressed at that, it's no mean feat! But seriously, it was that bad that I had to throw it in the bin. I couldn't even risk passing it on to a friend for them to suffer the same fate. I mean, if it can do that to my hair, what would it do to thin or fine hair?

And the oil itself is quite unpleasant. It doesn't have the nicest fragrance, which I can overlook, but it has an overly thick texture to it, and when you apply the recommend few drops to your towel dried hair, it doesn't glide on smoothly as the others do. It seems to make your hair instantly sticky. 

So tell me, have any of you have already tried it with better results than I? Could it be suitable for Afro-Carribean hair for example? And if you are also the proud owner of a fine thick head of hair as your Granny might say, what is your go-to oil?

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